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Kims Fishing (Sommai Fishing Group) (우측 언어모드로 한국어를 볼수있음)

Since 2000, We have been serving for our customers from all around the world, and now we grown up to the one of Professional fishing trip company which already has fully professional Sports Fishing carrier, such as Technical Trolling , Jigging, Popping, super Deep water Giant grouper fishing in Phuket. we hope that You will find your target fish with our executive preparation. 

" Customer's Footage  Giant trevally  & Sailfish "


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From family fun fishing ~ to professional Trip 

Last 20 years Our famous fishing boats have been maneuvered Andaman Sea. and now Those Our Challenge with career will gives you the Great Chance for your Target Fish With our outstanding teamwork.  even though our ground are one of great place for the holiday but we can still expect our dream fish such as Black marlin, Giant trevally, Giant black grouper and big size of tuna.  we hope that YOU'LL GET your great moment in Phuket.      sincerely Yours  Mike Kim.. (2019. JAN)

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