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Target Fish & Rigs
2014.12.28 12:06


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Sailfish in Rainy season.

Phuket_sailfish_rainy _season (2).JPGPhuket_sailfish_rainy _season.jpg

Sailfishes are present all year round

it's the One of  main target fish with Black marlin in Phuket

Specially  from June to August is the main Peak timing for Sailfish in Phuket

but not even in high season  we could meet dry season also.

and there's some different patterns between rainy season an Dry season.

rainy season sailfish are greedy up bait fish, but dry season sailfish has some more sensitivity  

these reason made why we need different Rigs &  skill for these season.

Sailfish in dry season.

Phuket_fishing_sailfish_January (1).JPG Phuket_fishing_sailfish_January (2).JPG

Phuket_fishing_sailfish_푸켓낚시 (1).JPG Phuket_fishing_sailfish_푸켓낚시 (2).JPG

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