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2018.01.13 11:46


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"Max" the ultimate Fishing Boat,

the Only 1 Advanced speed fishing Boat in Phuket.

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Phuket Chalong Pier is the only professional fishing speedboat. Suitable for general family fishing and professional sports fishing. It is 4 times faster than local Thai boats, especially suitable for fishing such as sailfish fishing, jig, popping, etc. (Currently one of the best catching sailfish in Phuket)

    phuket 084-628-0306 SNS ID - FishingtourLINE. WeChat. WhatsApp. Viber. 카톡  


Lenth / 40Ft  Wide / 11Ft  Speed / 30~ up to 40 Knots

Guest / basic 5~6 person 

Shower spray, multi front deck, rear deck. toilet.

all kind fishing, PP island trip, Similan island, drop off, night fishing, 

medium group fishing & party 

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